Thursday, October 6, 2011


As soon as we decided we want to be done with Army life, I started second guessing that decision.  I am so worried about going back to civilian life, and Gunnar settling into a career that will be everything we need it to be.  Maybe we should stay in longer?  Maybe he should change jobs and get some sort of training that will be useful in the civilian world?  Maybe we should request a move to Germany for a few years?  See some of Europe while we can?  I just don't know!!!  I feel like I'd really miss the financial and medical stability of the military life.  Is it really so bad all the time?  I wonder if we missed the window of opportunity to make that decision.  The closer his unit gets to another deployment (which still hasn't been officially announced yet), the less likely they are to allow a soldier to transfer out of the unit.  I just wish I felt more comfortable about making this decision.