Thursday, November 11, 2010

Army Ball

I've heard a lot of military balls in the past so I was really excited to go to my very first one last night.  There have been only a few times I get really dressed up and fancy and go out.  A military ball is a huge deal.  I have no idea how often they have these bashes but I'm guessing usually about once a year.  Our ball last night was held in Fayetteville at their one and only coliseum/convention center type of place.  I was a little surprised how nice everything actually was.  The food was good, the tables were beautiful, everyone was dressed their very best.  Girls go all out for this sort of thing and aside from a few dresses not much larger than a band-aid paired with clear heels (hello stripper!  excuse me, exotic dancer) the ladies were all dolled up.  Lots of girls had their hair done and looked like they were going to prom, but it was fun to see so much fanciness all in one place.  The guys, of course all looked exactly the same in their dress uniforms.  Here's a few highlights of our night.

 On our way to the ball.  See my cute gloves?  Yep, I've been watching a lot of Mad Men lately.

 Waiting forever in the foyer area, before we could be seated at our table.

 It was really dark in the ballroom.

 Gunnar and his boys.

 So much love in the Army!

 This is where things start to get a little weird...

 This guy with Gunnar is Doc Carr, he was the medic for their platoon in Afghanistan.  

 A-R-M-Y = L-O-V-E

 This sweet baby-faced boy they call the "War Baby" because he was the youngest in the platoon.  
He doesn't even look old enough to drive! 

 Now that is a hug!

All in all, we had a really great night.  We were home shortly after 9pm to pick up the kids from the sitters, even though the ball was still going on till midnight at least. It was so nice to meet all these guys that I've heard so much about, and finally put faces to the names.   


  1. Love your blog. The photos of the troops are truly outstanding, and you heard that from an honorably discharged Vet of the Regular Army. I served from 83-85, and from 87-89 with a stint in the reserves between my active duty enlistments. I was in Artillery, and I will always support our Soldiers. They are a great bunch of guys and gals.

  2. Thank you! For your kind words and your service.