Friday, July 15, 2011

As if war wasn't dangerous enough

Gunnar's unit are still working on some phase of the Intensive Training Cycle to prepare them for their next deployment (which currently doesn't even have actual dates!).  Somehow they seem like they are always scheduled to be out sleeping in the woods when the weather is the absolute worst.  Last time a tornado blew through here, leaving a heck of a lot of damage in it's wake.  This week we had the hottest days of the year so far and the guys were of course, out in the field again. 

I know these are tough guys and the Army isn't into coddling anyone.  However, putting their lives at risk is completely ridiculous and totally unnecessary.  War is dangerous enough!  There are enough soldiers dying over there, we don't need to kill them in training over here!  Earlier this week the temp reached about 101deg here.  Which means the heat index was at least 111deg at some parts of the day.  There were guys passing out from the heat.  They have medics out there but their jobs are definitely to treat those hurt by the heat, and no one is preventing the injuries.  On top of that, there was a thunderstorm that night and one of their vehicles and a soldier were hurt by lightening. 

A few weeks ago a paratrooper died during a night jump.  It could have been anyone.  This guy lived through a few deployments before he died in training.  No one is going to make it to the next deployment if the Army kills them before they go.  This was an accident, but there's no excuse for putting these soldier's directly in harm's way for training.  It's irresponsible. 

I wish there was a way to vent to people that might actually listen, or care or do something about it. 

Gunnar, of course wasn't sleeping out in the woods during the thunder and lightening storms - they had him sleeping on the concrete floor of the arm's room.  Stupidest idea ever, but at least I know he's safe in there.

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