Friday, June 5, 2009

1 Week Down, 1 Million To Go

Not really. That was really dramatic of me but that is really how it feels most days. Luckily Gunnar and I have been able to stay fairly closely in touch since he's been gone. We text several times in the morning and evening and we can talk every day or every other day. It's been just over a week now since he left. I would be lying if I said I was getting used to him being away. And truthfully I never want to get used to being apart. I want him to know how much I miss him but at the same time I want to sound at least somewhat upbeat when we talk so that he doesn't worry too much about me and how me and the kids are doing. It's a delicate balance. I send him pictures of the kids, but don't want to make him homesick. But I think he really is anyways. He sent a text today saying that nothing could prepare him for how hard the seperation has been for him. I know exactly how he feels. It's hard to hear him having a hard time with this because he is the strong one, the tough guy in the relationship. I'm the emotional one. I'm the one that can cry over On-Star commercials and don't even get me started on that doggone Beyonce "Halo" song. That turns on the waterworks every time!

Things at my parents house are working out really well. Gus seems to be finally adjusting to his surroundings. He asked me the other night what happened to his house. It's so hard to explain this to him! I do think he gets it though on some level because he asks when we are going to be all together again. It's precious. He will be so thrilled to see his Daddy in September!

Gunnar's new haircut - courtesy of Uncle Sam.

Gotta love a man in uniform.

Gunnar has been questioning if this decision was the right one lately. He sometimes thinks he should have joined the reserves instead. I really hate to hear him doubting this because sometimes I do too. But deep down I think it's just the homesickness, sleep deprivation and 18 hour days that are doing the talking in his head. I think when he finds his groove he will be happy to be where he is. My dad says he is "in his element" in the Army. And I agree.

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