Wednesday, February 3, 2010

No News = Good News, except not really

So it's been a few weeks since last talking to Gunnar.  I know logically and practically that if something were to go terribly wrong if Afghanistan, I would know about it pretty darned quick.  But these huge gaps in communication make me worry still.  This is so far the longest we've gone without speaking or instant messaging or something.  And basically I'm just not dealing with it all that well.  I will never get used to this.  The first few months of the deployment weren't that bad, compared to now.  We were talking on a semi-regular basis and still seeing pictures of Gunnar and his platoon frequently.  Now, I got nothing.  No idea how he is or what he's doing.  There was a recent update by the commander that said Gunnar's company just got hot showers for the first time in weeks.  Some of them are even turning their port-a-potties into makeshift showers.  Seriously?!  Is this the best the United States Army can do for it's soldiers?  Seems pathetic to me!  I can only imagine what the conditions are really like.  I assume that the information we get is filtered many times and that they only tell us what they want us to hear, which isn't much. 

The good news is, we made it past the 3 month mark.  Seems like a decent milestone in the grand scheme of things.  In a few more months (dates uncertain) Gunnar will get to come home for 2 weeks for his R&R break.  I'm definitely counting down the days till he gets here, and already dreading having to say goodbye to him again.

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