Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One Thing

Okay okay score 1 for Fayetteville!  I finally found something I like about this place.  Are you ready? 68 DEGREES IN MID-JANUARY.  That's what I'm talking about my friends.  It's amazingly beautiful here right now.  I can genuinely appreciate it having spent most of my years in Ohio.  It has been sunny and the clearest, bluest skies and mildest temps I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing for several days now.  And I've got to say, it does wonders for my mood.  Sure, I haven't talked to my husband in a week and a half, but damn - we play outside every day!  Without snow suits, mittens, hats, coats, boots, and scarves.  I'll admit, it is unseasonably warm right now but for now I'll take it. 

The kids and I did a little exploring in historic (read: old, decrepit) downtown Fayetteville this morning.  It is charming and quaint from a distance.  Up close you'll realize half the store fronts are empty and for lease.  We did have lunch outside in a cute albeit overpriced sidewalk cafe.  I didn't even care I spent $7 on a grilled cheese for the kids because I was sitting in the sun drinking coffee in January. 

Here's the kids at lunch today.  (I have no idea why Gus makes ridiculous faces/gestures in pics these days - must be a 3 yr old thing.)

This one, on the other hand, looks like she's quite enjoying herself.

I shouldn't really complain about all this fun we were having, but really it made me miss my guy even more.  This would be so much fun if he were here!  The more time I have to sit and ponder my weird situation, the better I can pinpoint exactly what I'm missing.  Right now for example, I miss having someone close to me that actually appreciates imported beer and the occasional microbrew as much as I do.  Gunnar and I are so different in so many ways but we actually do have a lot of common interests, thoughts, views on the world etc.  I miss having someone around that knows me and still likes me for my weird interests, thoughts and views.  I can't wait to have that validation back.  Also, it'd be really nice to open some doors and windows around here but I'm still too scared too!  I think about that every day..."if only Gunnar were here, we'd have some nice fresh air in here".  How weird is that?

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