Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Big huge sigh of relief.  I finally heard from the man and all is well in his crappy remote area of Afghanistan.  I rambled on and on about everything that I was worried about and he told me, in his usual humorous way, "Babe, I live in a Taliban Retirement Community - nothing ever happens here".  I have a pretty good feeling he's just trying to make me not worry so damn much, but I had to laugh anyway.  We spent a lot of time dreaming and scheming what we'll do for fun when he's home for R&R (mid-deployment rest and recuperation).  I am nervous about how the kids will react to him.  I know my one and a half year old can point him out in pictures, but I wonder how she'll do face to face with him.  I hope it goes smoothly and isn't awkward, I hope my 3 year old isn't shy and hiding behind my legs. 

I'm heading back to Ohio soon.  Time passes so much more quickly when I'm around my family.  I'm a little bit proud that I was able to hang out at Fort Bragg just me and the kids for more than a few weeks this time.  But I'm ready to have a glass of Chardonnay with my mom and these kids need to play with someone besides me for a change!


  1. Hey, I've been following w/o commenting for a while now. God, I give you so much credit for hanging in this long! Go and enjoy some time with your family; you so deserve it.

  2. Thanks for reading, and big huge thanks for the support. Writing this is major stress relief for me and I can't begin to express how grateful I am for your kind words.