Thursday, May 27, 2010


It has been exactly one year since Gunnar left for his military training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.  Those first four months felt like an eternity.  We had never been apart for more than a day or two in the eleven years we'd been together.  I wish I knew then what our future was going to look like.  I wish I had known he would be deployed to Afghanistan almost immediately after his training was complete.  I still don't have any regrets that this is the path we chose, but I think I would have done a few things differently if I had known this is where we'd be (i.e. I'd never have moved to Fort Bragg!).

In the last year I've spent 6 non-consecutive weeks with my husband.  I've become better at doing all of the parenting myself and all the crap that comes with that.  Like getting two toddlers in and out of the car and unloading all the groceries myself and being 100% in charge of the discipline.

I will never, ever get used to being alone.  And it never gets easier.  I will always be counting down the days till we are together again.  (80 more days until he starts heading home!)


  1. Hey, found you via PW's site. I feel you. My husband left for basic at Ft. Sill almost 8 years ago. We moved to our new duty station (Sill, ugh!) and a few weeks later we found out our country was going to war with Iraq. Fast forward 8 years and we're at duty station 3, currently on deployment 3, with 2 kids.

  2. 3 deployments?! Goodness gracious - how do you do it? I would be naive to think I'm not going to be in the same boat in a few years but the thought completely overwhelms me right now. Hats off to you and your husband!