Monday, May 10, 2010

No, Really

I received a call Friday from my neighborhood center in NC.  It was a panicky, frantic call and they were calling basically to make sure I'm still alive and not dead and decomposing in their house.  I was pretty confused because I had called them way back when and told them the dates that I was going to be out of town.  Being away for a few weeks really isn't that big of a deal but over a month is a really long time to be away from your home.  I called the neighborhood office and asked them to please not deliver their silly newletters to my door, I set up a 'mail hold' through the post office.  I was pretty sure I had covered all my bases.  Apparently my nieghborhood office didn't take much notice of my phone call and the post office delivered my mail after holding it for one month.  The woman that called made it sound like there was mail and all kinds of debris and mayham surrounding my whole house.  Well, I changed my plans and decided to get down here as soon as possible (yesterday) to take care of the mess. 

This is what my house looked like.  Ok, aside from the lame newsletters in the door handle, right there is exactly how much mail I recieve in 5 weeks.  Not exactly a matter of life or death right??  Is it bad that I was actually disappointed that I didn't have a mess to clean up?

In other news, Gunnar is still making his way back to Afghanistan.  I had to drop him off Thursday morning at the Columbus airport.  He flew to Atlanta but his flight to Europe wasn't till about 9pm that evening.  I was so bummed.  I wish I could have driven him to the Atlanta airport myself - we could have spent an extra day together!  His flight finally took off around 11pm and they only made it about 2 hours in the air when they plan was having eletrical difficulties and had to turn around.  Gunnar had taken a few Nyquil to make sure he would sleep on the flight so he was pretty darned confused about what was going on.  By 5am he and 350 other military guys were checking into a Holiday Inn in downtown Atlanta.  We had already said our goodbyes at the point several times so I was shocked to hear from him again.  He stayed in Atlanta all day again and finally flew out Saturday night.  I got a call from him last night and he was in Kuwait.  We started to think he may never actually get back over there, which was totally fine by me. 
 Gunnar at the airport

I am having some major communication withdrawal.  It's just so hard to go from talking nonstop for 2 weeks and then texting and phone calls nonstop for a few days to absolutely nothing.  I hope I hear from him again soon.  I think these next 3 months are going to drag so slowly.


  1. I was going to write to you regarding this post in our emails, but then I figured that would be jerky because everyone knows that comments are better so I'm back here today to tell you that I've been thinking about you this last week since you posted this. I don't know how you do it, but I'm awfully thankful that you do. Wives like you and kids like yours and husbands like him are what keeps the rest of us safe and happy.

    Thank you to you all.

  2. Comments are always appreciated Lora. Thanks for being interested in our family and what it takes to do this. I hope that what we're doing is worth it. It makes me feel less lonely to know that we have support from people like you.