Sunday, June 13, 2010


I unintentionally screwed up somehow today.  Here's what happened:  I posted a video from today on my Facebook page.  It showed an embedded reporter (Richard Engle, ooh la la, he is so handsome!) with Gunnar's unit, but different company.  They came under attack and it showed some fighting and some injuries to US soldiers.  It was on the msnbc page right there for the whole universe to see.  Gunnar does have internet at the COP now and when he saw that I posted it he sent me a very serious sounding message telling me to take it down. 

Of course I took it right down but I seriously don't understand the problem.  Also, the unit's FB page instructed everyone to refrain from posting the link on the unit's page, and doing so would result in that person being blocked from viewing that page again. 

This is obviously some really serious stuff.  I respect the Army and it's request but I am left with a lot of unanswered questions.  Why in the world does the Army allow embedded reporters and their cameras and then try to restrict families of these soldiers from seeing what they are doing?  I've seen reports and documentaries from the same reporter on TV and the Internet.  Why would it be a big deal to see the video on Facebook, even though you can go right on msnbc and find the same thing? 

I hope I can talk to Gunnar soon and learn more about the details.  I am just really confused about it I guess. 

I'm too paranoid to post the link on here but you can find it online or email me and I'll send you the link.

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