Monday, January 24, 2011

All for One and One for All

Did you know that when a soldier gets into some serious hot water, all of the soldiers in his company are in trouble too?  I mean, not legal trouble but here's a example from last weekend.  One guy goes out, drinks a few too many, and starts to drive home.  Stupid, bad decision-making I think we can all agree on.  It happened late on a Friday night, off post.  The guy was arrested by Fayetteville cops.  It doesn't end there though.  The Fayetteville cops call the military police and they go up the chain of command and now the guy is in trouble with the Army too.  Gunnar got a text from his platoon leader (or something like that) on Saturday morning telling him to report to formation at 2pm in uniform.  He said there was a good chance they would be stuck there the rest of the day but he was home a few hours later.  They got yelled at a lot, but that's about it. 

I was really amazed to learn that the military will bring in the entire company of a person when there is an incident.  I understand the need to foster a tight bond between these guys.  But c'mon!  My husband didn't get a DUI!! 

The 1st Sgt warned that the next time there is a serious incident in Delta Company, the consequences will be much more severe.  They'll get a much shorter warning that they need to report to the unit on a day off (this one makes me nervous because we spend a lot of weekends more than an hour away).  He even threatened to make them all live at the unit for 2 weeks if DUI's continue to be a problem. 

I can't believe that they would actually do that.  But at this point really nothing should surprise me about the Army!


  1. Enjoyed reading your post...brought back memories of my previous life as an Army wife. Cheers! Agnes

  2. It's a crazy life isn't it? I'm always amazed...

  3. He got lucky! Depending on the 1sg/Sgm, they sometimes get called in immediately. Nothing like risking a bunch of DUIs because 1 dumbass already went and got one!

  4. Not sure how 1 dumbass with a DUI will cause others to also get DUIs. They aren't contagious!