Thursday, February 24, 2011

B+ to an A-

No, not talking grades.  But personalities.  My personality.  I'm usually pretty laid back, not too wound up in general.  Don't get me wrong, I can get pretty fired up and I try to keep a reasonably organized home.  You get the idea.  The Army is turning me into a freakazoid about details.  Because they never give me any!!

Case in point.  We had some inclement weather in the last few weeks.  Nothing like the winter storms of the Midwest, just enough to make some slick spots on the roads.  And since the mass population around here is driving inept in perfectly fine weather, you know there's going to be dozens and dozens of minor fender-benders around here if there's a trace of snow or ice.  So Fort Bragg likes to preemptively close the base and the schools or delay them so no one has to drive until the snow melts.  I'm only kind of joking here.  By 5pm they had officially put Fort Bragg on a 2 hour delay for the following day because of potentially hazardous conditions.  (The high of the next day was forecast to be 44 degrees - I'm not sure anyone here has been told that ice and snow melt oh somewhere in the 32 deg range.)

My son goes to part-day preschool.  I'm not a total dummy, but if there was a 2-hr delay, he'd only have "school" from 10:30-11:30.  Seems kind of silly, so I called his school to clarify.

The lady at the main desk at school told me that if Ft Bragg schools are on a delay, then he would go for the 1 hour.  If the Ft Bragg whole entire base is on a delay, then school is canceled for the day.  Are you following?  Yeah, I'm not either.  So I tell the lady that the Ft Bragg Facebook page (yes truly, that is where we are to get all of our information from, FACEBOOK) says all of base is on delay so no school tomorrow, right?  I like to clarify, repeat things etc because the story always changes.  The lady says she hasn't heard of base being delayed.  Right.  Of course not.  She didn't know what to tell me so she says call back tomorrow morning. 

Apparently I wasn't the only person they told to call in the morning because it took me 98 tries to finally something besides a busy signal.  The lady I talked to had no idea what the lady from the previous night was talking about.  None.  She's never heard a distinction between school delay and base delay.  Now I shouldn't be surprised by this but it still stresses me out.  These two ladies stand behind the same desk all day and have totally different information to give out.  It's ridiculous.  Long story long, I took the boy to school for 1 hour.  I don't mind that part, the place is right down the street.  I mind that no one has a damn clue what is going on, what the policies are, what to tell people ever!  No consistency, no reliable sources for information, nothing.  These are the scenarios when I'm not so good at just going with the flow.  I want to know where we're supposed to be and what we're supposed to be doing. 

Is that really too much to ask??

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