Thursday, April 14, 2011


I've been wanting to say something about this for a while now but because we've been without internet for several days, I haven't had the chance.  (Oh yeah, no cable or internet because we MOVED!!  Down the street.  Another post for another day.)

Did you all hear the grumblings about the military supposedly not getting paid because of a government shutdown?  Oh my if you live on an Army base, or have a lot of Army friends on Facebook, you'd know the level of ridiculousness that we hit last week. 

To sum it up briefly, Congress needed to reach a budget agreement in which spending was cut somehow, somewhere by last Friday at midnight.  If they did not, the non-essential government offices were to be shut down until an agreement was reached. 

Somehow this translated to people who likely can't read that the US military would not receive paychecks. 

Somehow this meant Obama hates our troops and doesn't want to pay them.

Somehow it turned into being pro-life or pro-choice or somehow about abortion.

Somehow the Dept of Defense completely jumped the gun, and posted the military's earnings statements online showing a reduced paycheck before the shutdown was even scheduled to happen.  Oh yeah, which it didn't, by the way.

Somehow I was actually glad I had no connection to the media for a few days.  I do support our president and I didn't think for a minute we would actually not get paid.  I wanted to tell everyone "I told you so" but couldn't find a more eloquent way to put it. 

The lessons to be learned here are big.  So big that I really hope everyone paid attention to what's really important like don't let 1 week's pay make or break you.  Try to have at least enough in the bank to buy groceries and not get the rims on your car repossessed if you can.  Don't believe all of the crap out there.  Try to learn what's really going on.  And for the love, if some gov't office writes a memo suggesting a military pay freeze, don't think that the world is against the troops.  Don't re-post bullshit Facebook statuses that perpetuate the misinformation just because you're a Republican and don't like our current government. 

So just to set everyone's mind at ease, we received half our paycheck today and the second half is pending deposit tomorrow.  Really.  Looks like a whole lot of worrying for nothing. 

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