Monday, April 4, 2011

"Even when they're here, they're gone"

My friend Bekah recently told me about a show on Lifetime called "Coming Home".  Basically it's about soldiers coming home and surprising their families.  It's a tear-jerker to top all other tear-jerkers.  One soldier was saying that even when he's not deployed he still spends very little time with his family.  His wife said "even when they're here, they're gone".

I get it now.

Gunnar is currently in ITC (Intensive Training Cycle).  It means that his unit is simulating a lot of combat exercises during the week, including sleeping out in the woods.  For about 8 weeks they are only able to come home Friday through Monday each week.  Gunnar's position is slightly different as the armorer so he has only had to spend a couple of nights actually outside.  So far.  He did have to spend a few nights last week on the concrete floor of the arms room, but hopefully he'll be able to come home this week.  Eventually.  He's been at work 14 hours and counting right about now.  I'd tell you what he's doing there so late but it's so dumb you might not even believe me. 

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