Wednesday, October 14, 2009

...And Another Thing...


Big juicy disgusting spiders.

They are everywhere! They greet me in the morning when I'm attempting to make a pot of coffee. They scurry around when I'm trying to stomp on them in the hallway. I've seen them in nearly every room of the house, each on different days. Sometimes we do see two or three in a day. I'll admit I am scared of spiders. They freak me out! But on a totally different level, it's just gross to have bugs in your house.

So I called the neighborhood center today and the lady on the phone laughed at me in her cute little dumb accent. She said she's been chasin' them all 'round her house too and those suckers just don't git it, do they? Apparently unless you see at least 5, yes 5 big juicy disgusting spiders in one place at one time, it's not something they're going to help you out with.

Under normal circumstances, I would probably roll my eyes about the whole situation. But today it made me cry my eyes out for most of the afternoon. I really don't want to spend the next however many months/years here squashing spiders!!


  1. Please tell me you're not seeing spiders like that picture in your house! If you are, I am coming down there to rescue you! I saw a grass spider (look it up) in my house and about lost my mind, so I don't know how you deal with that.

  2. no - it's true. that's what they are. it's ridiculous and i hate them with every fiber of my being.