Friday, October 9, 2009

Settling In

Well we finally all made it to North Carolina. After a very bumpy road getting the truck unloaded (figuratively speaking) we are now faced with the enormous task of putting all of our shit away! Thank the heavenly stars this place has tons of storage space, because we have tons of junk. We are huge fans of throwing things out, and we do frequently, however there is still just so much stuff everywhere.

I have to take a moment and give an enormous shout out (however incredibly tacky that may be) to my parents and Nathan and Tim for packing and loading the truck and getting it down here. My in-laws, Connie and Denny came to Columbus and helped get the truck loaded and followed it down to Fort Bragg. They arrived late Saturday night but we were unable to unload the truck until we were able to weigh it on Sunday afternoon. With all the manpower, the unloaded went very quickly. Saying goodbye to my family was so impossibly hard to do. I really don't know how to function without them nearby. Connie and Denny stayed with us another night and then left for the beach. We joined them in Myrtle Beach for a night and then went our separate ways again. I can't even begin to describe how exhausting all of these goodbyes are all the time.

The word on the street around here is that Gunnar's unit may be deployed as early as mid-November. My brain seriously can't even process that information right now so I am just not going to think about it.

I am still trying to find my way around the new neighborhood. It's a strange place to me for sure! I am trying to get used to where everything is and how to get from point A to point B. It's not at all easy, I am learning though. And the base itself is like a ghost town. We must be in a war or something because there is not too many people around here. I really hope it starts to feel like "home" sooner rather than later.

I swear I will post some pics soon. I have definitely been slacking on uploading pics lately!

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