Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Homecoming Prep

There's honestly not too much going on around here these days.  We still don't have any actual dates about when Gunnar is coming home, but he is slowly making his way back here.  I have the mother of all lists of things to get done before he gets here.  Like buy beer, shop for man food, clear off every horizontal surface full of clutter, and wash the car.  Most likely he really won't notice too many of the details, and just be happy to be home, but I feel like I should at least put forth some effort.

I've read a lot about homecomings and all the hullabaloo that folks go through.  And frankly, I"m just not that into it.  Does it make me a crappy Army wife if I don't hang a banner with Gunnar's face on it on the front of the house?  Or paint welcome home sentiments all over the car?  Or line the driveway with American flags?  Maybe if I was 20 years old and fresh out of high school these things would appeal to me a little more.  I'm just not that into it.

Gunnar hasn't lived with us since May of 2009.  There will be a lot of challenges to face in the next few months as we get back into the swing of things.  Boy oh boy I'm excited to not be a solo parent anymore though!


  1. Something tells me that Gunnar will just be happy to hug his wife and kids, take a hot shower and sleep in a comfy bed (with his wife, of course!). He won't even notice the lack of flags...though I think you should reconsider the banner with his face on it, that would be awesome. :)

  2. Wow. It must be a big adjustment for both you and Gunnar to have to re-acclimate yourselves to having him home. He'll be out of the loop of daily activities and you'll be used to doing everything yourself. I admire your ability to do this without losing it completely, as I undoubtedly would. You'd hear me shouting, "Well, I don't care how you want it done! I've been doing it MYSELF for more than a year, buddyy!" But I'm kind of crabby like that.

  3. Only, when I shouted it would be spelled "buddy." I don't ordinarily shout misspelled words. Just so we're clear.

  4. Bekah - the funny thing is that lots of houses around here have banners with soldiers faces plastered on them. That's just damn weird to me. Plus - they generally use their "death photo", the one where the soldier is in their dressy-dress uniform to be published if they get killed at war. WTF??

    Erica - that's exactly how I'm feeling these days. He won't have a clue where anything goes and as much as I've missed him, dude, it's way easier to clean bathrooms in houses where men don't live!

  5. Oh. And for the record - I lose it completely on a regular basis.