Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So we have 20 days before Gunnar officially "ships out". And we are packed and ready to move to my parents house and send him on his way. Except we're not. Not at all actually. We still have tons to do (isn't there always tons to do anyway?). Gunnar had to meet the recruiter again yesterday and for the billionth time give them copies of all of our legit documents (birth certificates, drivers licenses, marraige license, social security cards etc.) I swear he has geven them these things every few weeks for the last 4 months but I guess making photocopies of that stuff just never gets old if you're an Army recruiter!

I have been trying to come up with lots of fun activities to keep me and the kids busy this summer. Luckily Columbus has some really great festivals and things to do and see. We are also going to try to visit some friends out of town etc. I am hoping the summer just flies by but somehow I'm thinking that's not going to happen. I worry about Gus the most - he and his Daddy are best buddies and at 2 and a half he just can't understand why his Dad will be gone for so long. I think moving in to my parent's house will be the best thing to ease that transition. At least I hope so. Kids are adaptable though, right?


  1. You guys will totally make it through. And, remember that any time you and the kiddos need to get away, you have friends in Pittsburgh!

  2. Thanks Bekah! I definitely want to meet up with you this summer - I might even kidnap you and take you to Chattanooga with me!